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I Will Let You In On a Little-Known Secret...
It used to be that the ONLY software worth using for your business was PAID software! Sure, there was FREE software available but it was mostly crap, and it's been that way for years! As a matter of fact, the phrase, “you get what you pay for,” was largely referring to FREE software...the point being that what you got for FREE wasn't really worth using without a LOT of concessions and crazy learning curves.

Because of that, I have ALWAYS been one to choose and use the BEST software options in my business. Yes, they cost a LOT of money, but I always viewed it as “the cost of doing business.” Still do!
But Then the Largely Ignored Trickle of GOOD Free Software Turned Into a Flood...
Programmers began jumping on the bandwagon of “for the good of all” and a major shift occurred. The explosion of mobile apps demonstrated that the demand for FREE or Low-Cost software was so great, it was now possible to directly compete with the “Big Boys”...and compete they did!

NOW, we no longer have to pay out piles of cash for access to GREAT software tools...amazing new software options are showing up on a regular basis! And that is GREAT news! 

Many of these tools are SO GOOD that my skepticism has blurred to a place of acceptance...in some cases, exuberantly!
Why This Matters for YOU!
Many of my customers have struggled with creating products, writing books, producing courses, and more because they were intimidated by the tools. The tools were hard to learn or too expensive, or both! I understand...I've been there. The crazy thing is that there are SO MANY great options now that choosing the right or BEST ones can ALSO be intimidating.

Well, I have GREAT news! 

I have been testing and experimenting with MANY of the new software tools and apps available to us today to determine which ones truly are worth using in your business. What I have discovered should get you excited because I found some AMAZING tools!

Don't want to invest in Adobe products, like Photoshop or InDesign? I have you covered! Not interested in paying Microsoft every month? No problem...you don't NEED to! Looking for great illustration software that doesn't cost your first-born? There are excellent choices available now!
Introducing...“Zero-Cost Strategies: Design Tools” 
“Zero-Cost Strategies: Design Tools” is a brand-new 3-Module training that reveals the absolute BEST, Zero-Cost software tools you can use to design and create nearly ANY kind of digital or printed product, including:

    • Books, E-Books, and Book Covers
    • Online Course Materials
    • E-Com POD-Based Product Designs of All Types
    • Art-Based Products of All Types
    • Card Decks and Games
    • Social Media and Website Banners and Art
    • Logos and Branding Elements
    • And MUCH More!
Here Is What You Can Expect From This Training:
Module One: Zero-Cost Layout Tools
We will dig into three of the top, zero-cost layout programs that will enable you to create all types of digital and printed products.

Module Two: Zero-Cost Image Editing Tools
Anytime you need to work with photos or illustrations, you will need to use an image editor of some sort. The great news is that there are several zero-cost options to include in your Digital Toolkit!

Module Three: Zero-Cost Illustration Tools
Vector art and painterly-style art requires a different toolset that many image editors offer. That said, there are a few phenomenal options available that make working with these types of art straightforward!

Includes (for All 3 Modules):
    • The Training
    • All Course Slides

BONUS: Instant Presentation Pro: Platinum Training (2 Videos)
In this exclusive training, I show you how to use presentation software as a design tool to create courses, newsletters, flyers, book covers and more!
Just $197 $97
Join the “Zero-Cost Strategies: Design Tools” 
Only $197 $97 for a LIMITED TIME!
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